Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two Ridiculously Simple Keys to Social Media Success

From the amount of conversation about Social Media and how to leverage it for your business, you might be forgiven for thinking that there is some obscure algorithm or complicated process that you need to master before becoming successful at it.

In reality, the reason it seems so complicated, is that there is a lot of money riding on making Social Media seem complicated. There are experts and gurus and coaches and trainers, all who want you to think that in order to understand Social Media, you must attend their seminar or read their book.

In fact, the reason Social Media is *actually* complicated, is because people are not looking to succeed in the use of Social Media - they are looking for shortcuts to succeed without doing the work.

A few moments of searching Social media online will uncover dozens of iterations of "what is the fastest way for me to grow my followers?" or "What is the most efficient way for me to gain readers on my blog?" Of these kinds of questions, my all-time favorite was "What Social Media Tactics Work?" with a specific request for responders to avoid "platitudes and generalizations" You know - like...Create Good Content and Talk With People.

Here's the reality of Social Media - there are only Two things you need to do to have a fabulous, successful Social Media strategy:

Create Good Content


Talk With People

These are not platitudes or generalizations - they are the rock-solid core of a successful, genius even, Social Media campaign or long-term strategy. Every other tactic, every other tool pales in the face of these two ridiculously simple keys to success.

Don't spend your time looking for cheats, workarounds, automated tools and other wastes of your money and your audience's time. Create good, relevant, authentic content and talk with people when they drop by. It's so ridiculously simple that hardly anyone does it. Buck the trend - be the first on your block to use these two ridiculously simple keys to Social Media and watch as you succeed where others fail.
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