Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Where to Start With Content Marketing

Social Media's new buzzphrase is Content Marketing. You've seen it on blogs, Facebook Gurus tell you to embrace it, webinars abound. You love the idea...but where to start?

Chances are, you're already creating content. Look beyond "holiday sales!" reminders to see the content you already produce.

Tell people what you love about your product or service - you have years of helping people be more productive, happier, more efficient. Tell those stories and let you passion shine. People respond to that with passion of their own.

Share the insight years of experience have given you - You've been working in your field for years, maybe decades, and you've seen fads come and go. You know what works and why. That kind of experience makes an impression on readers.

Be honest - This advice cannot be repeated too often. Consumers are not children. When you know something, say it, when you don't, be honest. There's no amount of fiction that can make up for betrayed trust.

Tell your own story - You are a unique snowflake...or maybe not, but chances are, your story can help someone, by giving them a unique perspective on life. Don't take yourself out of your story, you are the best hook you have.

Avoid gimmicks - Don't look for "clever' ways to gain engagement, just talk with people. Contests should be about your users/readers/followers not about your numbers.

Creating original, compelling content is as simple as having a conversation about something you love, with someone else who loves it, too. Tell your story your way, respond when people talk with you and Content Marketing will happen.

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