Sunday, December 30, 2012

4 Ways To Fight Back Against Facebook Throttling Pageviews Without Paying For Promotion

Facebook is throttling Page views in order to "encourage" us to pay for promotion. We all know they are, and we're frustrated by this. It feels like extortion even if it isn't. It's not fair to the folks who have "liked" that page, and okay, yes, we can harangue them to add the page to their favorites, but isn't that forcing them to say they want to read the page, no really, they really want to read the page, thanks, really, over and over again?

No matter how you slice it, it's a crappy deal for the folks on your page. They want to read your posts, they want to "like" and respond to them, if only they knew they were there!  But FB has us in a bind, and we're getting fewer and fewer views every time. (I"m down 20% on views from this time last year.) It's time to fight back! Here's a a few tactics to make sure you get your word out.

Ask People to Share the Post - If you're a nice person who believes content is king, this feels like cheating. You don't want to shill for your page, you just want folks to enjoy the content. But, along with "likes" this simple act of sharing allows more people (and people outside your page) to see the content. So go ahead and ask!

Switch Up the Kind of Posts You Make - You're posting status updates regularly (not too often, just often enough) and you're worried that even when they do see the post, people following your page aren't taking note of it. It's time to switch up your posting strategy. Instead of a status update, share a picture, or a video or a link. Ask a question, hold a poll. Rotate through different media to engage people who prefer different communications styles, and you'll get more attention overall.

Share Posts Outside Facebook - Media posted publicly on Facebook can be accessed by people not on Facebook. Public posts can be seen by anyone with a FB account. Go ahead and tweet that image post, share the existence of your page on your mailing list or blog. Amplify, amplify, amplify!

Share Page Posts From Your Personal Account - This is the ace up your sleeve. You have contacts who don't follow your Page but do follow you and when they see you share a post from your Page, they'll be there with likes and shares of their own. Share those posts on your personal page and leverage that network.

Use these four tips to fight back against Facebook throttling and get the word out!

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