Friday, January 7, 2011

Reading Social Feeds Saves Time, Money and Sanity

You have your network(s). Every day, the people in your network(s) provide you news. News, as in this is your morning newspaper, keeping you on top of things of interest to *you.* Your peers, your vendors, your colleagues and your news sources create a feed of critical headlines every day.

Are you looking at it?

Look at the trending topics on Twitter. Don't read the posts, just watch the parade of hashtags. You can learn a lot from just scanning the "headlines." Deaths, scandals, entertainment news, that's all fine, but there's more to be learned. Companies, people, natural disasters and even other social network news will pop up in those trends. Not sure if Facebook is down or it's just you having trouble? Check trending topics on Twitter for a fast answer.

Having trouble seeing new contacts on LinkedIn? Check your feed, or the Answers front page to see how many people are already asking about that.

You check for traffic and weather updates all the time, by scanning headlines. Getting into the habit of scanning your networks for breaking news and issues of importance will save time, money and when you're having technical troubles, your sanity.
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