Sunday, October 4, 2009

Congratulations! It's a Blog! Part 2

In Congratulations! It's a Blog! Part 1, we covered WHY you might want to blog and WHERE. Today we're going to touch on the real meat of the matter - WHAT to blog.

Remember, you need to have something to say. Here's a few ideas for keeping your blog relevant to your business and interesting to your readers.

Give your customers insight into your expertise.

Let's say you are a landscaping specialist. You have knowledge about plants, about sustainability, about climate and about terrain. These will all make great content for short, pithy posts in a blog. If you are not the wordy kind, you can show before and after pictures - maybe you can share some of your concept sketches.

Communicate the unique qualities of your business.

You've got a band and you're getting some good local press. Now it's time to ratchet up that social media profile and really sell yourselves. Provide examples of what makes your music, your sound, your look unique. You could highlight the charisma of your lead, the sultry sexiness of the bass player and the polyrhythmic skills of the drummer with video and stills. Downloads and merchandise are a great way to get your name out and build your brand.

Be the expert you are.

You know the ins and outs of your business better than anyone. And there is nothing that people like better than a glimpse behind the wizard's curtain. Open up your workshop, talk about the creative process, or the fabricating process. Let people see how you do what you do and they will respect you even more for knowing what goes into it.

You are not being graded.

One of the nice things about blogs is that you can be you. Typos can be fixed, syntactical errors become your very own down-home earthy style. Sure, it's no good to put incoherent ramblings out there - although that *can* get you a readership! - but you don't have to worry that it's not worthy of your sixth-grade English teacher.

Write what you know, the way you know it. Talk to your readers the way you talk.

In short - Be Yourself.

Talk with your readers, open up a dialogue through comments and ask questions and soon you'll have more than enough to write about. And, at that point, you'll have a really vital, unique and worthwhile blog for your business.
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