Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tips and Tricks Do Not Equal A Social Media Strategy

You've seen them. Headlines that chirp 10 Tips for Effective Twitter Use or 5 Ways to Use Social Media Effectively, and others like them.

There is nothing wrong with these articles. I've written a few of them myself. There's something comforting and stable in a short list of basics that anyone can use. However...if you're relying on Tips and Tricks, it's a sure sign you don't really know what you're doing.

Here's a few tips on how to break out of the cycle. ;-)

First, does every tip or trick you see make you rush off and rethink what you're doing?

When you see things like "Retweet to share good advice" do you know what that means - or can you think of the last time you have retweeted something?

Are you asking questions like "How (Where) do I promote a new blog?"

Take a step back and think about what you want to accomplish with Social Media.

Most importantly, look at your skill set and schedule without delusion. Do you really have the time or the know-how to develop a Social Media plan?

There is nothing wrong with being new to Social Media. And there's nothing wrong with asking questions or reading Tips and Tricks. But, there's also no shame in contacting a Social Media professional, just as you would call an electrician if a rewiring project was more complicated than you could take on.

Tips and Tricks are great - but they aren't a strategy. The very best thing you can do for your business is to recognize when its time to move beyond a trick and develop a real plan.
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