Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We're not friends...yet

Social Media was created to connect individuals with some point in common - something that makes them equals. It might be an interest, a family connection, a school, a job or group - the idea behind Social Media is to allow you as an individual to find those people with whom you *want* to connect.

It's important to remember that you are not friends with your clients - yet.

At it's core, a business/consumer relationship is nothing more than an economic transaction. You give money to me, I give you a product or service in return. There's no relationship - good or bad - built into in this transaction.

You have the opportunity with *every* transaction to create a relationship, of course. But don't assume anything. Even if I love your pizza, it doesn't mean I'd go to bat for you in a pizza war.

When you build your Social Media presence, don't assume that you have the whole relationship thing sown up. Fans of your comic, regular customers at the bar, might still not feel that their connection with you is much more than consumer/vendor realtionship. People might care deeply about your hand-made soap...assuming that people will care deeply about your soap is delusional. You're not friends with your fans - yet.

Build a Social Media presence that's down-to-earth, likable, approachable and authentic and you'll find that you do have friends among your consumers. Give them the opportunity to speak up and tell the world and you'll quickly know who your true friends are.
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